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Why do you need event management professionals?

To do or not to do (and to delegate)? That’s the question. You may be a big boss in your startup or you may be a clever bride which tends to count your money, but all of you are asking yourself: do I really need an event planner or an event management agency? Well, actually, you do. And these are the reasons why:


  • Professionals deliver expertise. This is the first and foremost. When you begin to prepare your wedding or when your marketing manager, for example, begins to organize a conference it becomes a nightmare trying to foresee all the details. Meanwhile professionals know everything about uncertainties in event management: like bad weather, power failure, medical emergency, delays of all types and so on. They’ve already seen so many different messes and nuisances that they plan the event keeping in mind various situations. They always have a good risk management plan for every stage of event production and usually have at least two strategies to remove the risk.

  • Professionals are responsible for the result. You hire good specialists not just for their photos in Instagram: you pay them for their expertise and background, so they must do the job extremely well. That’s their business, their financial maintenance, their modus vivendi and modus operandi! There will be no benefits for them if your event fails. Each project is a chance for them to let all the world understand: they are the best in event management. And one more subtlety: when you have a party or your employee organizes a corporate event there are always too many other tasks and problems to fix. You’ll never have enough time to give all the attention to the event. And professionals will find that time, be sure.
  • Professionals save your money. We’ve already mentioned that event management companies save your time and rescue you from nightmares. And many people think: that’s it. We pay for our tranquility. But they don’t understand that event planners also save your money because they know the market, they can find some really interesting services which you had no idea about. Event management companies have direct links with vendors, suppliers and other concerned people who help them get good rates for requirements concerning a particular event. Of course, you can find some indispensable specialists at job search websites like EventCV, for example. But professionals can advise you about those remarkable partners which will cost you less without losing in quality. Usually the event management companies have contracts signed with different service providers which means they  get better prices when compared with what the client would be offered. And even more: sometimes only agencies can help you, for example, with equipment for special effects (many technical providers just can’t rent you this equipment according to the safety rules).
  • Professionals promote the event. In an ideal world every event with its brand massage or great mission or just unique atmosphere and design must reach the masses by means of advertisements and media. The event can be a failure without guests (so you have to prepare a teaser campaign) and without posts with your hashtags (and for business events the media outcome is very useful). You may think that this particular task is a breeze, but don’t lie to yourself: this will be the first thing you’ll sacrifice when everything goes out of control. And that will be a huge mistake.
  • Professionals really do manage your event. To ensure that things do not fall out of place a proper management scheme must be drafted. And good event management companies are all about it: they conduct the event taking in all the factors and contingency measures. A good management company is the one that brings all of the aforementioned into consideration before embarking on a project. That’s why we think that you do really need an event professional.

Organizing your own event by yourself makes sense only in theory. You do not have to pay for extra services, you know better what suits you, you can control the process. It is possible to do it alone “with a little help from my friends” (whom you can find online) but this almost always brings in a lower result than what the professional can offer. In the long run, the event management specialists will help you out a lot.