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No kidding

Behind each and every event are ordinary and extraordinary people, serving the masses with their unique talents. MCs, singers, speakers, animators – these you meet at every venue, and you recognize at once, whether they are doing a great job or not. But tech teams, admins and drivers are just as indispensable as those in the spotlight. Soooo, if you are reading this and you go, ‘Yes! That’s me! That’s what I wanna do!’ here are a few useful tips of how to get your dream job in the event industry.


Every job interview can be compared to a card game. You and your interviewer take turns in an attempt to unveil the necessary information by playing only those cards (facts about the company and your life) that are best. You are not exactly opponents, but each of you has a certain goal in mind, which both of you want to achieve in a very short period of time. Although the goal seems to be mutually profitable – hiring a qualified staff member and getting the job of your dreams, the ways of reaching it are quite diverse.

We won’t go into this whole issue of how to pass an interview, the general rules work for every instance – follow the dress code, be on time, bring your credentials with you and stuff like that. The event industry is a unique area of life due to its neverending flow of creativity. So first of all you need to show your talents and creativity without confusing your recruiter. That’s why we’re gonna talk about questions that you probably won’t find on standard job search advisory sites.


1. Be 2 in 1

The three whales, upon which the event industry rests, are – creativity, multitask management and a detail-oriented approach. (Being a people-person goes without saying) So, in order to be a competitive candidate for a position at an event planning company, one should practically be two different personalities at the same time – an extrovert (creative and full of incessant drive, ready to make a bonfire out of a tiny spark) and an introvert (a super organized mind that follows the plan precisely and never forgets a thing).


2. Don’t shine too bright

One might think that in order to be hired as an event planner he/she needs to put on a firework show to impress the employer 100% during the entire course of the interview. The answer to the simple question “tell us about yourself” turns into a tirade about your innumerable qualities and skills. On one hand, it’s good to be multi-functional, but on the other, an employer is probably not looking for a jack-of-all-trades type of worker, but wants to hire a specialist to fill a gap. Even for leadership positions a successful candidate should stay focused on those main qualities that will help him/her be a great leader and develop a company, rather than show how many cool ideas he’s got roaming about in his head.


3. Show you can implement the most crazy ideas

Being an "ideas" person is great for a very specific position within the event industry. Share your ideas when you are asked to do so. It may not seem like a professional approach to interrupt the course of an interview with “guess-what” sentences. A lot of people, especially younger ones, tend to pour their ideas into serious interviewers, whose main goal is to find any plausible flaws and decide if you are tough enough for performing live communication events. The truth is: a lot of people have a creative streak inside of them, simply because we were all created by someone very creative. So, the best foot to put up is not your creativity, but your ability to realize it, to make it happen and shape it in such a way that people will definitely appreciate.


4. No comedy, only gentle humor and self-irony

Another question that often arises when you think of an upcoming interview is whether or not to joke around while giving answers. Well, practice shows that a sense of humor is welcomed by job seekers more than by job suppliers. It is true that ‘a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones’. But that’s exactly where you should probably stop – at proving that you have a cheerful heart and attitude, that you can ease things up when they get heated, and that your positive thinking will create an atmosphere of a holiday at all times. How to do so? Well, for starters, prepare a joke or two that you know will not be offensive or inappropriate in any way. See, humor is treated in a million different ways by a million different people, and if you want to show that you are not stressed out and open with your superiors at the interview, just stay on the safe side and play the right cards. Listen carefully to the questions. The key is not to give as much important information about yourself as possible, but to answer the questions without lying or boasting, yet, reassuring your future boss that you are fit and capable to do the job. Jokes and sloppy language certainly can make a person in front of you crack a smile or even laugh heartily, but inside he/she will definitely make a mental note about your “quick tongue” or “sarcastic talent” that could bring just as much hurt as it does laughter in different circumstances.

5. No kidding

For instance, you should allow yourself no folly or jokes when the interviewer wonders if you are punctual or responsible. Answers like ‘gosh, I am never late, but… never say never!’ won’t help the employer put their trust in you in this particular matter. A wedding planner should never be late for the wedding (no exceptions. In other words, be prudent and realize when the question requires a purely business-like answer, or when there is some room for a good-natured joke. If you absolutely have to make a joke, keep’em short. Every deviation from the main topic adds to the employer’s impatience to get rid of you asap.


Jobs that call for a huge amount of creativity are the most demanding ones because people who work in this field are always on the run, always looking for fresh unique decisions, always meeting new people and always finding themselves in non-standard situations. If you are searching for this kind of occupation, you already are worthy of admiration. So, take your time and find that balance between being yourself at the interview and being wise and finesse your wording as you prepare to launch into this wonderful crazy world of event industry job!