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Event Awards across the World

An event is defined as a live experience planned in advance in a limited period of time with the objective of affecting the perception or behaviour of the targeted audience, duly included in the marketing mix. All across the world there are different kinds of events being held every day for certain purposes, be it B2B, B2C, celebratory, marketing, networking, meetings and conferences, associations etc.

It begs the question, with so many categories of events being held all around the world to showcase different event arts, what medium is there to appreciate, encourage and facilitate the growth of every event niche available?

Experts in the events industry thought it wise in the 1970s to showcase festivals, competitions and awards to bolster the growth of the different sectors in events planning and management. They started by creating award ceremonies to appreciate excellently innovated works and since then the growth in the events awards sector has become a separate set of events entirely. It is worthy of note to give accolades to whom accolades are due and the evolution of accolades giving to develop events planning and management has been exponential in the last two decades. It has become so great that it is a major financial motivator in world events industry. The economic viability of event awards has not only motivated different event planners to come up with innovative event creation techniques so as to win awards but also to increase their financial capacity because a well organised event always attracts customers partners and sponsors. We have many world recognised awards for well organised events but I will focus on only a few at this time. Below are a few pacesetters.


Australian Events Award


The Australian Event Awards is the peak awards program for the events industry in Australia. The program is directed by on-going industry consultation to encourage the need for togetherness across the whole Australian industry, to advance industry distinctiveness and to promote Australian operators in cross-development of opportunities between events and event disciplines.

The program is all-encompassing, being open to all Australian events, event directors and support service providers regardless of event type or audience, event size or attendance, event location or association membership.

It remains the only occasion for Australian events and event organisers to be acknowledged on an equal playing ground across the entire national events industry and entries from all members of the Australian events community are fully welcomed.

The Australian Event Awards Plaque was exclusively designed for the Australian Event Awards at commencement. It indicates the esteem that accompanies being a victor of the peak industry awards program. The crystalline gem at the middle of the plaque climaxes the great many facets of the Events industry in Australia.

Entries into The Event Awards for 2016 are open to events staged in Australia and achievements by Australians during the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Entries for The Event Awards for 2016 opened on 24 May, 2016 and closed on 25 July, 2016.

Entries are judged and awards conferred by the members of the Independent Industry Judging Panel (IIJP).

The Role of the Co-Chairs of the IIJP is to:

  • Inform and brief all judges on the judging process, criteria and expected outcomes.
  • Rule on any real or perceived conflicts of interest in the judging panel.
  • Lead the final judging day.
  • Determine the Categories, Eligibility Requirements and Judging Criteria of The Event Awards before the opening of entries each year.

They also perform many other functions in the judging process. This events award is the most recognised in Australia and it showcases the appreciation of a wide range of categories.


The UK Event Awards


Whether you have presented a vastly prosperous yearly event, launched a brand new one, or fashioned a distinctive, never-to-be-repeated experience, this award is your chance to establish that you can craft events that meet and surpass your goals. So, whether you arrange or sponsor, are a venue/hotel or an industry supplier, the UK events awards is always an opportunity to demonstrate to mates, opponents and customers that you are the best at what you do. Event directors, marketers, venues, suppliers and event teams or any firm that can demonstrate effectiveness in one or more of the category are eligible to enter. Any event or event service delivered between 16th September 2015 and 16th September 2016, any event staged in the UK regardless of who has organised it and any event staged abroad as long as the organiser is based in the UK are allowed to enter for the awards.

The awards will be judged by a panel of individuals that are nine in number with extensive experience within the events industry that will be revealed soon. The are many categories namely Grand Prix, Chairman's Award, Conference of the Year, Corporate Event of the Year, Cultural Event of the Year, Sports Event of the Year, Awards Scheme of the Year, Exhibition of the Year, In-House Event of the Year, Product Launch of the Year, Large Event of the Year, Small Event of the Year, Festival of the Year and many others. The finalists will be announced on the website and via social media at 3pm on 25th of October 2016 before the ceremony is held on the 1st of December.

All entrants will be notified when the announcement has been made and nominees will receive a congratulatory email and finalist certificate in the post.

The UK events award affords event managers the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate your talent and skills to your company and clients
  • Demonstrate your event skills, knowledge, delivery and results against your rivals and peers
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Gain fantastic PR opportunities
  • Boost morale throughout your company and reward your hardworking team(s)
  • Highlight the importance of events
  • Reassure clients that you are the best company for the job

This event award is the most recognised in the whole of the United Kingdom because it is all encompassing giving it the prestige it has acquired over the years.


Golden hammer international advertising festival (Latvia)


Golden Hammer is a festival of creativity in every capacity. This award honours victories attained, applauds zealous ventures and celebrates the awesomeness of positive minds that know no limitations. Golden Hammer evolved into a full-grown transnational advertising festival in 1999, having established itself on the Latvian scene. The honourable traditions founded since then have enticed imaginative organizations from more than 25 countries. Over the years, Golden Hammer has chosen multinational juries who have always demonstrated impartiality and a scrupulous attitude to their assessments thereby guaranteeing just competition, boosting excellence and getting universal acknowledgment.

Golden hammer is passionate about creativity and stellar ideas that can only be realized through continuous transformation and enhancement, which is why Golden Hammer’s role goes past simply rewarding achievements. The award is aimed at triggering new solutions and expands the creative industries’ prospects by offering pioneering developments, valuable content and unconventional entertainment from the edges of the globe.

They seem to comprehend well that advertising experts have vast experience and are tough to astonish yet they go all out to provide appropriate orators, run essential workshops and also throw a colourful party or two. For over its fifteen years, Golden Hammer advertising festival has become a feature on the global scene and its prominent awards are known for distinguishing proficient imaginative communications. Golden Hammer tasks contestants to ingeniously amaze, intelligently astonish and professionally astound Golden Hammer juries in 13 categories which are namely: Film, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Interactive, Design, Promo & Activation, Direct, Campaigns, Media, PR, Craft and Social media. This year's event took place on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 and there have been comments on how much of a success it was.

The award is built to appreciate excellence and to propagate creativity and the high standards therein charges competitors to be more aggressive in innovation hence attracting worldwide attention.


Estonian National Advertising festival "The Golden Egg"


Founded in 1999 and prepared by the Estonian Association of Marketing Communication Agencies, this advertising competition is the premier event for Estonian advertisement organizations. A jury comprising of advertisement organization proprietors and advertising professionals picks the best Estonian advertisement in the previous year.

At the traditionally held gala which occurs in March every year, three prizes are awarded in advertising categories: the Golden Egg (Kuldmuna), Silver Egg (Hõbemuna) and Bronze Egg (Pronksmuna). The best Golden Egg also obtains the Grand Prix and the agency with the most Golden Eggs becomes the Agency of the Year. The purpose of the Golden Egg competition is to distinguish and highlight confidence in the field of ad conception and also customers who venture to take an innovative and imaginative method to advertising. The Golden Egg is the only Estonian national advertising festival and has taken place already for the 17th time this spring. It is a very popular event among the Estonian advertisers and advertising agencies, in 2014 a total of 549 advertisements were presented for evaluation.

Creativity Festival Golden Egg 2016 competition works to provide more every March 3rd at midnight. However the winners accept the Golden Egg in April to participate in the international advertising and marketing festival-themed White Square in Minsk. Ireland. Marketing Communications Agencies Association (ETKAL) competition organized by the awards gala will take place on March 18 at the Saku Arena. This year they cooperated with White Square Festival which has more than 1,000 viõtslustööga, they are one of the largest in Eastern Europe. On 14-16 April in Minsk yearly is usually the time it takes place in advertising and marketing festival and they welcome the participation of its list of the best Golden Egg free reference work.

Golden Egg jury partakes in a huge number of its field of top players from all over Europe, from places like Germany to Denmark to Spain to Finland and many other countries. Their contribution to the Estonian assessment agencies work does not stop there, they made the first konverentsipäeva17 passwords to enable ease of registration access to all aspiring agencies willing to participate in the competition.  There are different sessions and an important session will have Jury Chairmen willing to share their wisdom and experience to aid winner selection and it is also aimed above all to encourage creative people in advertisement agencies all over Estonia. They also have a Golden Egg session scheduled discussion of all the chairmen of the jury, which analyse and criticize the Golden Egg of the best and worst jobs. This is a decent occasion for agencies to get feedback on their work.

This event is particularly educative and it bolsters competition and intellectual reasoning in the advertising industry and that is what gives it the recognition and continuous development it has. 


Event of the Year Award (Moscow, Russia)


The main purpose of the award is to show the possibilities and prospects of the Russian events industry and to identify the leaders to match and demonstrate the highest level of some projects which became huge events for the sake of industry development in general.

The Expert Council includes representatives of the largest companies (clients of event agencies), honoured media and culture celebrities, recognized gurus of entertainment industry and mass events and all those who can estimate quality, creativity and professionalism in the work of the creators of the best events of the year.

On the 13th of October, 2016 the Award will be held for the fourth time. The project has attracted especial attention from professional participants of the event-market, independent media experts and key customers. Many large companies anticipate event-agencies to have any "Event of the Year" prize, because the award is a special sign of quality and level of provided services. Each event consists of colossal work of many people with different expertise. That’s why there are not only companies which book event-agencies, but also those agencies and their vendors and general contractors among the awardees.

The annual national award "Event of the Year" is a key professional award in Russian event-industry. The idea and incarnations belong to Event.ru chief editor Zhanna Vasenina and famous Russian film producer Alexander Izotov.

This year 2016 nominations include the following categories:

  • Test drive of the year
  • Opening of the year
  • Road show of the year
  • Sponsorship integration of the year
  • Musical event of the year
  • Car presentation of the year
  • Wedding of the year
  • Private celebration of the year
  • Award ceremony of the year
  • City festival of the year
  • Sports event of the year
  • Business event of the year
  • Gala event of the year
  • Mice-event of the year
  • Best branding event of the year
  • Client's event of the year
  • Launch of the year
  • Non-profit event of the
  • HR event of the year
  • Budgetary event of the year
  • Regional event of the
  • Team-building of the year                     
  • B2B event of the year
  • Fashion-event of the year

Also there are some special nominations like:

  • Best design
  • Best creative idea
  • Best technics
  • Best catering
  • Best video production
  • Best directing and staging
  • Best event implementation strategy to build a brand image

This event awards is the most renowned event because it has come to be a pinnacle in the reference of success in the Russian event scenery. It is an epitome of success creativity and most important of all hard work.


These discussed awards are not the only leading event awards across the globe, there are a handful of others that also serve as pace setters, these include the Ukrainian event awards, the Canadian event awards, Epica event awards Paris, Cokoo event awards Brussels, Bea event awards Italy and the Czech event awards.