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5 DON'Ts for your job interview

Have you ever been invited for a job interview, but the job went to another candidate? Most likely, your resume was all right, but something went wrong during the interview. We know which mistakes recruiters do not forgive!


Low motivation

Typical mistake # 1 – low motivation of the candidate. This is the main reason for all refusals – even to applicants with an excellent track record and impressive experience. So what if the applicant has all the required skills if they're not going to do their best? Why take someone with 15 years of experience and connections, if they do not intend to stay in the company for a long time?
Going for a job interview, think ahead about how you will answer the question "Why do you want to work for us?" You must show that you are interested in the affairs of the company, that you want to contribute to its success and that you are focused on a long and fruitful cooperation. Ask the right questions, examine the history of the firm and its recent projects. Sincere interest is always appreciated by the employer.
An additional advantage is the presence of an approximate work plan for the initial stages. 


We can find it everywhere – all those recommendations on how to write a “perfect CV”. But after using some really helpful recommendations you must always ask yourself whether your resume is really honest. Or maybe it is too sugarcoated? Remember: it’s rather easy to confirm your stated skills in the course of the conversation.
For example, if a candidate said in their resume that they have deep knowledge of html and css, but actually just worked with website templates, it will be easy to detect this deception during the interview. So remember: no cheating, only real skills and experience!

Unloyalty to the company

Recruiters appreciate loyalty of the candidate. And they do mean loyalty in general. Not only for the prospective employer (by the way, it may be difficult to measure that future love). So HR-managers listen very carefully to all of your words about previous jobs. "Top-managers lead the company to collapse", “There was no collaboration, all the work was done by me” – please, refrain from such statements. Thus you discredit not just your ex-boss or colleagues but also yourself. Maybe it’s you who didn’t want to understand the words of your leaders? Maybe it’s you who didn’t know how to work in the team? And by the way: just think what your recruiters may feel after such words. "What will he say about us after leaving this office?"

Failure to observe the rules of etiquette

You were late by 5 minutes? It could be 25, doesn’t matter, because you’ve lost your chance. In any case you forced the interviewer to wait, showing disrespect and showing that you do not value everyone’s time. Open Google maps, find all possible routes, drive to the meeting in advance. Make it a rule not to be late for the interview under any circumstances, and if you're still late, warn them by phone.


Event planning is a very creative job. So you are creative, we know. And you may look very creative. And though not all recruiters hate blue hair or any other type of freedom of expression, there are still some limits. The main thing is to remember whether or not your appearance matches the place where you want to work in the future. What is allowed for a bartender is a huge NO for the bank manager, you know. Dress appropriately!

Good luck on the interview!