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Organisational Apps to Ease Business Life

Business can be very messy, disorderly and ultimately stressful when individual refuse to make use of organisational apps. Many people often think that being fully organised is by cleaning or arranging your desk but on the contrary proper organization may in fact mean a series of things, this is not limited to ranking of tasks, avoiding digital and physical disorder and appropriate time management.

Here are a few apps that can help you avoid the disorderliness that crashes many businesses.


1. Flipboard:

An Organization App like Flipboard arranges your articles, newsletters, blogs and feeds into a place; Flipboard pulls articles, newsletters and blog posts from prominent media channels like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as it compiles all your favoured news bases into one integrated content torrent. Apart from the news, the Explore feature on Flipboard assembles content based on your preferences, such as traveller’s guide, martial art, event festivals, show biz and even cooking. This app gives you a feed from social media news experience without including the images of persons from different places you have no interest in.


2. Mimeo:

Mimeo assists you to take control of your print and digital content, Mimeo was fashioned to enable people have back time. The users of this app can post any content to their respective digital libraries and arrange files by folders. If you need a hardcopy printed, you can easily build, proof, and ship it in a matter of minutes. You can even share your content on different levels with other mimeo user as long as you have their permission. Users can place an order to print for delivery to hundreds of locations with a just a click. In the place of sending hundreds of emails, you can easily view and map the status of each and every shipment. In times past, doing this was elaborate and stressful but with mimeo all it takes is a click.


3. IFTTT (If This Then That):

Organizational apps like IFTTT make everyday tasks a lot easier. Just visualise taking any of your daily chores and creating a recipe of work with them. IFTTT does exactly that for you with ease. This is an instance of IFTTT recipe: IF Hilary Clinton wins the presidential election in November, THEN send me an email reminding me to call her to congratulate her. IFTTT also enables you in the creation of recipes with a lot of other popular applications, from your social media accounts (post an instagram picture every time I upload a picture on twitter or facebook) to music, to time management, to location, to emails and many more. IFTTT eradicates stereotypes in your daily digital routine and eliminates the possibility of ever forgetting to do something important.


4. Pocket:

Apps like Pocket save important content. In vogue gossip articles, delicious food tutorials, newly released movie trailers and catchy advertisements are all distractive in work places especially when they pop up while you surf the internet because watching one video might rapidly turn into two or more and then you will eventually realise that you’ve wasted productive time. This is where Pocket is relevant; it is designed to save everything you will like to make use of in the nearest future. When you stumble upon a video or article but can’t watch or read at that particular time, just put it in Pocket for a later time. There are many internet browsers and social media apps like twitter that directly bond with Pocket. It enables you view all saved content when you are ready to see them rather than having to search for them all later. 


5. Sortd:

This app cleans up your inbox. If your inbox isn’t a successive to-do list then you are in serious need of Sortd. It eradicates the frustration of having to look for an old but important email somewhere in your inbox. With sortd you can make a list of whatever you deem important be is a series of business emails or promotional mails. Sortd integrates directly into your Gmail and yahoo mail. You can just simply open your box email and arrange it into the cadre it belongs. You can even go as far as organising by including reminders, priority, updates and labels to the emails that form your Sortd lists. With sortd you need not go through the stress of looking for an email again.


6. Google Keep:

Using an organizational app like Google Keep enables you organize your notes, Perhaps this app is one of the simplest and most useful organizational app. Google Keep arranges all of your notes, photos and voice notes all in a preferred place of yours. In the use of Google Keep you can filter, search and make catalogue reminders as this makes it exceedingly easy to get to your notes and ideas. Your notes will automatically relocate to any device connected to Google, permitting you to effortlessly switch your to-do lists from your computer to your mobile device. This experience is more like an organized version of moving around with your sticky notes everywhere you go.


In conclusion, these organisational apps are all over the internet and are totally free for use, they keep you organised and plan your time and space effectively. By remaining organized and aware of your office environment, in a short time you will realise that you have crossed out many tasks that will naturally have taken you long hours or even days, just give one or more of these apps a try and realise just how much you valuable time can be saved.