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TOP-7 event planners podcasts

Social media has really been dominating interactions amongst numerous event professionals and event organizers as it seems, however some renowned planners have alternatively started using Podcasts as another method in sharing event planning guidelines, tricks and top notch applications of the trade.

In respect to the people who do not have an idea what a podcast means, Podcasts are audio recordings made and shared online free of charge, they can be regarded as trending talk radio shows. Set for you in this article is a compilation of the top seven event podcasts that can aid your event planning knowledge and growth. Also available are vidcasts (because some also do some video recordings) that you can either watch or listen to.

All seven podcast have been carefully researched, selected and ranked based on their consistency, how innovative they are and finally how educative they are in terms of sharing useful event management tips with several event organisers.

There is a guarantee that we haven’t missed any important event planning podcast and this ranking from 7th to 1st is just our opinion based on the research we have carried out, feel free to disagree but be open minded enough to learn from them. Here’s the ranking below.


7. The Meeting Planning Madness Podcast

This podcast is done twice in a month, during its thirty minute of broadcast; it highlights all the things required in effective event planning in an eccentric fashion. You can learn about the difficulties and disasters event experts have dealt with over time. It takes you through deep insights of the event industry that you should know and apply to your own events.


6. Turn of Events

Hosted by Laura Lopez and Graham Wheeler, this podcast has a knack for introducing interesting topics to its numerous audiences on many facets of event organisation. Recently in a fascinating episode, Lopez and Wheeler were in the studio with popular photographer of events, Joy Asico, and had a conversation about the details of acquiring the perfect event photo. Asico has worked with the present president of the United States of America, Barack Obama and Rolling Stone Magazine and those are just two of several elite people conversed with on this enlightening and enjoyable podcast.


5. Techsytalk Unscripted

This podcast gives you a ‘behind the curtain’ peek of the complex event planning industry. Co-hosts Liz King and Ed Waffles bring to audiences different guidelines and actions only veteran event planners can naturally give. King and Waffles get opinions from many event hustlers all over the industry, searching for perception and case studies to educate listeners. When talking about two of the most fervent, knowledgeable frontrunners in the business, you need not go any further than Liz King and Ed Waffles and there is an assurance that as you listen, you’ll laugh as much as you learn.


4. Meetings Podcast

Here’s a famous event industry podcast, Meetings Podcast covers a broad crop of subjects, from event speakers, to event logistics, to AV assistance and special event planning. In trying to acquire knowledge about encompassing event planning, this podcast is highly recommended. Host, Mike McAllen has concluded above 497 podcasts as we speak, also has served with major associations like IMEX, PCMA, CIC and ASAE. This denotes that event organisers have an in-depth knowledge and archive of highly qualitative episodes to select from to boost their event in tuning in to this podcast.


3. The Savvy Event Planner

Thomas Crowl has hosted this well-known event planning podcast for a long while; Crowl delves into the knowledge of event management from beginning to end. His qualifications speak for him as he has worked with event professionals all around the globe; he has also worked with entertainment organizations, caterers, businesses, and many more helping them to create fabulous events.


2. Event Icons

Usually hosted by William Curran who happens to be the founder of Endless Entertainment, this podcast gives listeners a sit -down with event industry juggernauts in discussions of topics like event technology, event management and A/V. Curran who is an expert event specialist in his own repute seeks insightful answers for event questions asked by his numerous listeners, thereby making it simple for them to know how the latest planning strategies and the best methods of event planning works.


1. Event Tech Podcast

Our number one podcast is hosted by non-other than John Federico, this podcast probes into everything about the event tech arena. Event Technology is now a very important part of any event planner’s to-dos. Federico consults and discusses the vital equipment of event planning with guests like Scott Owens, Director of Event Technology at Salesforce, and Alon Alroy, CMO and Co-founder of Bizzabo. For experienced persons in the event tech industry or even beginners looking to learn a lot, here’s a podcast that is highly recommended, a firm starting point for anyone.


As many experienced event planners know, the way to producing the best events is by staying updated with the new and innovative industry practices that have produced repeated success. As an event organiser it is advisable to listen to some of these event planning podcasts as they can aid you in putting together memorable and client attracting events.