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Video generation for event promotion

Marketing an event over time has proven to be such a tedious task for the most part of it, if there’s anything we’ve realised it’s that the one of the most important things event planners seem to care about is the promotion of an event while getting high registration. With several available actions you can take to maximise registrations, you would wonder exactly what kind of promotional movement and what is compulsory to have and do.

Shall we simplify this please; your start up point is definitely video marketing. If you are not persuaded enough by the sheer title, it will interest you to know that studies have shown that including a video in your email and social media crusades can increase your click through rate by more than 200% and the inclusion of a video on a landing website page can upsurge conversions by more than 75%. Video marketing has definitely become the rave of the moment and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So here’s the question, how exactly can you actually promote your event using videos? Below are a few methods you can utilise:


1. Creation of a Video Testimonial

Recording your live testimonials at every event with attendees present and distributing their positive experience is a way to go. In doing this you can tow the simple path of using a phone camera with above 8 mega pixels or better still with a trained videographer with professional cameras and microphones. This method is guaranteed to work 90% of the time but it is just a matter of your budget. Whether you choose the former or the latter, you’ll need a team member designated to approach several attendees and ask for a couple of minutes of their time to spare. It is also advisable to prepare a cool thank you package for those who participate so as to attract more of them. Remember to take down the full name, job description and company name of the attendees granting the interview as it is important to add those details as a caption on the video for it to gain more in credibility. In the aftermath of the event, edit the testimonials to 1-minute videos and upload them to social media platforms with a link to your website directed to those interested in your upcoming event.

2. Using Event Speakers to Generate Excitement

One other important thing you can incorporate is telling your special guests and keynote speakers to make a self-recording giving a brief teaser of their forthcoming lecture through a video and share it with your prospective attendees via email, social media and even in blog posts. Alternatively, it might just be easier for you to share a recording of the previous year’s keynote presentation so as to make potential participants realise how exceptional your event content really is and also how articulate your speakers are. If you choose to share your videos via email, keep in mind that videos can’t be viewed in mails so you should endeavour to create an attractive picture that links to the video on any platform you choose.

3. Montage Making of Past Events

Finally, create another brief video encompassing good emphasis on interesting moments of your previous events thereby creating excitement. This kind of video is quite simple to produce. You have to get the videos and images acquired from your previous events and incorporate catchy background music. You can also throw in a few fascinating quotes from speakers or social media mentions talking about the success of your past event and you’re good to go. This video should definitely be added to your event website homepage. You’re bound to make a mammoth impression on guests who are absorbed into the learning and attendance of your event.


In conclusion, video usage is becoming increasingly important as time goes on and in years to come as vendors understand its ability to captivate target audiences. Perceptive event planners have started to turn towards the direction of video usage as a method to give potential attendees a foretaste of the event they’re thinking of attending, isn’t this the time for you to get your head in the game as well? To begin, find ways of collecting attendees’ testimonials, make short videos presenting event speakers and finally edit together videos and snapshots from former events to fashion a captivating montage and you are bound to attract a number of attendees greater than the heights of your expectations.