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Social media visuals in event planning

It shouldn’t come as a shock that visuals have been playing an increasingly important role in the success or failure of social media marketing in the events industry. With the speedy accomplishments of platforms like SnapChat and Instagram, visual-based posts have developed increasing popularity on all social media platforms. Not just because visually enriched social media posts become popular but that they are also very effective. 

A renowned survey has it that across several social media platforms, a post that is visual based has around a 650% higher visit rate than an ordinary text post. As an event planner, social media is a suitable platform to generate event publicity amongst prospective attendees. They can also be used to further sensitise those people who are already enrolled for an event. To ensure better usage of three of the most popular social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, ideal social media image sizes for each one will be discussed. This piece is designed to feature exceptional illustrations of picture centred posts used by prosperous events on each platform. In the course of reading this you will find a few supportive resources you can use in the creation of captivating imagery.

There are many event planning organisations that have created social media visuals that have led to resounding successes using the instructions in this article. Here are a few tips.

Twitter: Image Size; 1024x512 pixels

Let us take a moment to picture our individual Twitter feed. Most likely the picture you view is that of a barrage of text based posts with some sharing a link to some other webpage. By the use of an attached image to your Twitter post or a twitpic as it is known you're actually likely to attract triple the amount of attention the post will get as opposed to a simple text based post. Attaching pictures of interesting parts of your events is sensible simply because it means your post will be more prominent and have a high number of retweets and likes which means more publicity, the more the likes and retweets the more the wave your tweet creates. If organizers can create a visually appealing image and post it, they are likely to get a high attendee count for their event.

The Tribeca Film Festival posted a visually appealing tweet that emphasised a distinctive feature of their April event. The advertisers went with a conspicuous image and clear text to communicate their message, and since the well-designed tweet got many retweets, it was liked and shared by their audience. The New Yorker Festival in the same wise also used visually appealing tweets to market their forthcoming event. The tweet featured Reggie Watts, an event speaker/performer and a well-known entertainer. Watts retweeted the post to his 222,983 followers thereby intensifying the event message to both event target audience and others.

Instagram: Image Size; 1080x1080 pixels

Instagram is a social network mainly used via an app on smartphones and desktops. Images uploaded to the platform are traditionally square shaped. This is the reason why so many smartphone makers, like Apple and Samsung design their camera imagery for you to take square images. Since all Instagram posts feature an image or a group of images to make up a story, it therefore is imperative that the images to target audiences are visually interesting and appealing.

In expectation of CTA Seminar (a digital advertising event hosted by Unbounce) coordinators fashioned a fun live-action film and posted it on Instagram. The video urged audiences to buy early-bird tickets before they close in three days. The appealing thirty second video created a lot of awareness in both the sales of the early bird tickets and the conference at large.

In another example, The Content Marketing Institute, creator of CMI World, opted into the use of an image from their earlier event in promoting a forthcoming event. They smartly posted the common "throw back" phrase usually done on Thursdays permitting them to use the widespread #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) hashtag to reach a wider audience while also promoting their event hashtag (#CMIWorld) in the same post.


Tools for Great Visuals Creation

It shouldn't take an art director or graphic designer to compose a neat and captivating image for social media. In the course of designing images for social media, one should think about the event brand that has to be created and the communication being propagated while ensuring that the colour theme, font, messaging and style are aligned with all that the event brand represents.

1. Canva: This is a great and accessible tool used in the creation of banners and photos. The customized dimensions can be set and the templates can be used to create images for Facebook, Twitter SnapChat and Instagram. Overlay filters create changes in colour of photos and more can be done with this expansive tool. If you choose to combine Unsplash and Canva, you will create a visually stunning image.

2. Coolors: This is a new tool for everything that has to do with digital colours, Coolors is a free and easy to use tool that helps form colour themes. It is as simple as clicking the space bar and a new 5-way colour scheme is ready for use. It displays any desired colour code and name, and allows for the adjustment of the brightness, saturation and hue.

3. Unsplash: The definitive application for free, high superiority stock photos. Extremely available and stress-free to use, Unsplash is one of the best websites for free stock photos. Naturally in this technology, they feature over 3,000,000 photos to choose from.


It may be easy to mention the use of these tools however many event organizers refuse to capitalize on the opportunity of visuals for social media platforms that abounds. By generating social media movements that eye prodigious looking visuals, event planners and vendors will be able to reach target crowds easier.