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Colja Dams: hybrid events and agile management

Colja Dams, CEO at VOK DAMS (Cologne Area, Germany) was one of the  speakers at Baltic for Events Forum and devoted his lecture to hybrid events and agile management. Here are his main thoughts about these trends.



- At BFEF I talked about trends in the events starting with hybrid events - the combination of live communication and digital. Then we went to life campaigns because we believe that only the live event can generate content. So life events can be the center of a campaign delivering content to all the other channels. And then we discussed on how do we get there - how to create wow experiences. And we believe that agile event management is the new way in making sure to create wow experiences.

- What if i was from other planet: how could you explain to me what are the hybrid events?

- It is the combination between life and digital. Actually there are only two movements in the entire industry that have growth potential. They are the live marketing and the digital marketing. And the older we get the more digital the world becomes and the more important is meeting people face-to-face in a real life - in such an environment where the communication becomes tangible. So if you take a live event and combine it with mobile, social and location based technologies then it becomes a hybrid event.

- Do you think there is a place for virtual events? Or people must meet each other? Or there is a balance here?

- I believe we can have some help from digital solutions. But to create true emotions and get people behind the product, behind the service, make them act by the end of the day (buy something for example) there's nothing better than meeting in real life and in person.

- Can you name at least one or two trends of the future and of the moment (what is happening in event industry right now)?

-The hybrid events is an ongoing trend. Creating live campaigns is also the trend of the present. And the work behind it - is agile event management. So it is also a trend on how to create these experiences. Then there will be lots of short-time trands like programmatic events, artificial intelligent that is coming into events. And all kinds of stuff like this coming in the next years. So lots to look forward.

- Do you think that in such circumstances you need to study and learn much faster than let's say 5 or 10 years ago?

- I should say better: you can never stop studying and learning. This is a continuous evolvement. Te idea of life-time-learning is rather familiar to me. There is no any certain age when you just stop learning. You must have a continuous approach on getting better and learning more and more the further you go. And that has nothing to do with age or nothing to do with what you attended at school.