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16 frequently asked questions for event-profs job interviews

The work of event organizer requires great imagination: in his day to day reality he has to generate original ideas about how to arrange magnificent wedding, a memorable raffle or reputably conference to please the customer.

In addition the event manager needs some exceptional abilities to keep track of all deadlines and take care of every detail - from ordering the helicopter to the cookies at coffee-break.

Before heading to job interview try to remember several significant things:

- all your best projects

- all force majeure situations when you had to make or change decisions just “here and now”

- all your works with strictly small organizational budget.

And now meet our list of the most frequently asked questions at event-profs job interviews. Hope it will help you to prepare properly.


  • How did your education help you to make a career in event management?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • How do you assess the specs of each activity?
  • What types of events do you prefer - a corporate, social, private?
  • Do you have some additional experience of promoting your projects (advertising, social networks)?
  • What is your favorite way to optimize the event within budget?
  • Tell us about your best event?
  • Tell me how do you deal with unexpected problems (give some examples)?
  • Did you have a situation of misunderstanding with a client? What were the ways to avoid the conflict?
  • Have you ever had a case when you barely managed to stay within budget?
  • Whether there were time when you had to work simultaneously at numerous events? Are you able to work in multitasking mode?
  • You have been contacted by the company that sees itself as a young innovative brand for ultramodern people. They want to arrange a launch party. The goal is to make everyone know about this new player at the market. What venue would you choose for this?
  • Imagine that I need some hosts or moderators to my event. What questions would you ask me to make the perfect proposal?
  • You require the providers of unusual quality goods for the event. How will you establish contacts in a new area?
  • Are you willing to work overtime?
  • What do you think is more important for event manager - to work in a team or to capable of independent actions?

Perhaps we have forgotten something, so you are welcome to write other frequent questions in comments!