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Reasons to attend conferences

When aspiring to grow in a professional manner, it is imperative to attend different conferences. There are a lot of tenable reasons why you should but in many instances, bosses often challenge and discourage these reasons whenever employees propose attendance. You will hear different excuses like; we don't have the finances, we don’t have the luxury of time, our work will suffer if we have you away for that long. What they fail to realise is that there are many upsides to attending conferences, let's go through some benefits of bosses actually making time and finances available for the attendance of conferences. If you approach 90% of bosses with these points i am about to take you through, you’ll definitely be booking your next conference soon.

Your skills and knowledge can only develop in a limited capacity over a long period of time while learning under one boss in an office setting so ask yourself, why not learn under many bosses in a short period of time?



At a conference you are wide-open to a bigger pool of experts embarking upon related tasks to the ones facing you, these people may go about these tasks in a totally different context or that which is similar to yours. In both cases, they will have experienced what you haven’t while attaining successes and failures. They have also learned from professionals while in other conferences which you haven't experienced. All these enables you valuable education in a short period that you can return to the office to improve the organisation and even teach colleagues. 



You will listen to many great ideas that you can take down and back to the office which you can apply to different challenges. Often times you learn old ideas but as it is a gathering of intellectuals there is a 30% chance of hearing new and innovative ideas which avails you a new method to solve problems and other times it's a barrage of a challenge surmounting methods you’re yet to experience. Sometimes you hear someone say something not directly applicable to your work but it opens your thinking to other problem solving ideas which can trigger you to have a completely original method of your own that is valuable and applicable to your trade and organisation.



You often tend to learn from other attendees because everyone is bent on sharing their experience and learn from that of others and even go as far as questioning you on your experience. The attendee exchanged of experience and knowledge at conferences is priceless. People in different roles, with different experiences discuss many interesting perspectives and learn from each other. You will hear and learn things from industry mates that you will never have known outside a conference setting. The best knowledge shared is often not at presentations but in the normal conversations after the session with those who want to relate or show off in the hallways, meeting rooms etc. You might also hear illuminating conversations which you aren't a direct part of and it can fascinate you to hear what motivates other people.



You will meet some people you may not normally meet aside a conference setting and this setting enables you build a personal relationship with the higher ups in your industry. When impressed and motivated by a speaker, you should make it a habit to approach the speaker after conference hours and introduce yourself while offering a business card/ résumé. Asking a question or two might also not be a bad idea and more importantly ask them if you can keep in touch (the response is often positive). From there you can connect on social and business platforms.



The network you build at conferences can be your most treasured career asset. With a powerful network, you have a group of people to get counsel from in difficult situations. It could be asking questions or advice, or just authenticating your own philosophy. Having a group of trusted professionals can aid and grow you generally. It is great to seek counsel from intellectuals and getting tips right away, however those relationships need to be formed and fostered. Where else to get those brilliant groups of people you can call a network other than conferences.



Coming up with new ways of thinking has an important requirement of reasoning beyond normal boundaries and perspectives. Conferences are a great way to get away from the office in order to broaden your horizon and think outside the confinement of your office. They provide totally different avenues for thinking and gathering ideas which in turn sharpens and heightens your reasoning. A conference filled with intelligent peers enables you think outside the box so as to come up with inventive methods that you wouldn't have be exposed to while sitting behind your desk at the office.



Finally, attending conferences is really fun. The opportunity to meet people, learn, share ideas, make friends, form business bonds and at the end of the day hang out to have some fun and blow off steam is an experience to behold. It reactivates your attitude to work, your career path, and your professional direction. You'll absorb what's conceivable and get inspiration from the best in your industry. Your mind will come up with many bright ideas and your colleagues, including your superior will observe the extra energy you bring to your organisation. This in itself will spur them to want to experience what you have experienced.

If you make a case with the above points, most bosses will realise the value in investing in this. It's an investment of time, an investment of money and ultimately an investment of knowledge.