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Why use event app?

A few methods you can use in the persuasion of your boss or client for an event mobile-social solution. 



1. Knowledge of your audience and their aims/objectives: The very first thing you have to know is your audience and the target market, after you have done a full research on knowing them then proceed to find out what they aim to achieve and their preferences in an event. Once you are fully prepared on that, you can determine what app is required and you will be ready to present it to your superior.


2. Knowledge of who your boss: Taking this knowledge into consideration can have an altering effect on the way you will present the facts you have gathered on your  audience and also the features of the mobile event app that will assist them to achieve the objectives that are most significant to them. After you have fashioned out this, then you can go ahead in the presentation of your ideas.


3. Comprehensive descriptions on the identification of your audience to your boss/client: By now you must have the knowledge of your boss/client, the knowledge of your mobile event app, the knowledge of your target audience and their aims and objectives. Proceed to carefully put down all these knowledge strategically and convincingly in a power point presentation that will appeal to your boss and catch his attention.


4. Define the main points tailored to your specific boss’ interests: During your presentation, it is imperative to describe in details what your boss stands to gain and you should also give him an idea on the likely percentage return on investment the endeavour is going to fetch for the company. After all most bosses often only understand the language of money.


5. Ready-made templates to control decision making: For a person to be your boss, they have to be very smart and you will realise that they will often ask a barrage of question and they might outwit you with superiority. So what do you do? You design a method of controlling his incoming questions and his eventual decision making. For example you can draw up a word document that is filled with likely questions he might want to ask and go ahead to answer the questions comprehensively so that he doesn’t find a loophole in your strategy, you might also want to give him prepared questionnaires to use his answers for further research and understand his thinking more. As you have done this you will realise he will have less questions and his decision will be more influenced by your preparedness.


5. Professional mail describing the values and features of your chosen mobile app and its benefits to revenues on companies: This is quite self-explanatory. For every client you intend to include in the use of this new mobile app including your boss, you need to write a professional mail educating them on the benefits of the app and describing its features and the steps in which it will help promote their business and grow their organisation.


6. Creation of an avenue to initiate a forum about the usage of an event app at your next event: Owing to your new discovery of a new app that can promote business, it is important to convince your boss and clients to create at least a 15 minutes presentation of the new event mobile app in your forthcoming events. This would sensitise existing and incoming clients not only about the app but also show the presence of innovative reasoning in your organisation.  


So basically the above are the main steps you need to introduce a new event app to any of your superiors however you might still need to sit down and explain it to some very important people that need further convincing. Please realise that these people are busy and have limited time so don’t beat about the bush or waste their time. Go straight to the point. The head event planner may be a hard nut to crack, just show him how to increase revenue with the event app and how it sells itself. Show the clients and bosses how quick, easy, and credible a mobile solution is. They admire technological solutions all you just need to do is to show them they do by tapping into their admiration.

Finally your boss juggles many events in one year including his daily duties as CEO. Make this simple for him to understand and process, it will provide your clients with more innovative ideas and enhance your event attendees’ experience henceforth.