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Top 10 qualities of the successful event manager

Who is the event manager? Is he or she just an ordinary employee? The one who spends 8 hours of their life in the office to receive a salary? We don't think so. And if you want to organize the best events, the life changing events you must be a real super hero with super powers! You may write the perfect event planner resume, but after the interview you still don’t get the event coordinator job. So what’s the deal? What are the top 10 must-have qualities of the best event manager?

You may want to become a party organizer, or a meeting coordinator, or a wedding planner, or a conference organizer… You may have any other event management project on your mind… But these are the main qualities of the successful event manager that all HR-managers around the globe will be seeking for:

  1. Flexibility (the event coordinator must be ready for any client’s request and any force majeure – to see, to feel, to understand and to react as quickly as possible).
  2. Communicational skills (simply put - event industry jobs are all about people).
  3. Organizational skills (the better the event organization is, the better the end result will be, so the manager must control everything including themself 24/7).
  4. Attention to details.
  5. Creativity.
  6. Proactiveness.
  7. Managing several tasks simultaneously.
  8. Time management.
  9. Understanding the economic infrastructure of the event.
  10. Passion. You know that pretty well: all super heroes have their own passion to perform their heroic feats. So you also have to find one ;)