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Event planners basic tools

Productivity tools, marketing tools and Content Production tools, these tools and their uses are described here.

Marketing tools


a. Instagram Stories

‘Instagram stories’ is a new social media app that has just been lunched. It can serve as an event tech tool because it is comparable to Snapchat but it possesses a cleaner and clearer design.  With this app you can post and share your event stories and updates, short video scenes of your event and catchy pictures to attract people to attend your forthcoming event in excitement


b. Stencil

If you want to create a visual content with Stencil, the process is quite simple, interesting and trivial. It is intended to assist event planners create breath-taking images very quickly with  gorgeous background photos, templates, logos, all in practical sizes. It also has the chrome extension feature that enables you create images while surfing the internet.


c. Layout

The creation of a visual story in a single image is done with Instagram’s Layout app. It allows you make unique layouts by rejigging the roll of your camera and immediately show the lay out in different combinations. It enables you give clients that follow you a foretaste of your upcoming event.


d. U-Stream

This is the biggest online video live streaming app; U-stream offers huge control over your videos. You can make any private videos to be viewed by those in your group. It also enables you make private channels and allows you remove videos from Ustream.tv, or restrict particular URLs. Those who couldn’t make it to the event will enjoy the event by live streaming or downloading the videos.        


e. Double Robotics

Double Robotics chains videoconferencing with a remote controlled device. You can login via a mobile app or website while the robot moves according to your controls. You can be absent yet present at any worldwide event. This is an exotic solution for important guests who are unable to attend your event but wish to be present.


Productivity Tools


a. Zoom and Uber Conference

Communication is integral in event planning and this dependable tool allows you hold conference calls and client meetings. Zoom and Uber Conference are both conference call services that are known for hosting suave video meetings without hitches. One that should be in the tool bags


b. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging app that enables you the use of channels to create event communities. This is a way better alternative to email chains as it features over 140 integrations with other tools, meaning event planners could manage their event straight from Slack. It is an award winning event management software.


c. Karma Wi-Fi

Karma Wi-Fi hotspot is connected to a cellular radio by the use of an LTE cellular data network. it delivers Wi-Fi signals your devices can connect to. It combines fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth which is very important especially when traveling on business trips.


d. Inbox

Inbox by Gmail is an email app created by Google and it is very common. The app is attentive to the improvement of email productivity and organization. It enables the user to snooze messages for reminder at a later time while it binds identical emails together. It creates event cards for things such as flight times and also helps browse emails by previewing documents attached which eventually saves event planners time and stress.


e. Google Keep

Google Keep offers event planners the quick organization of everything they have to remember and saves them safely on their devices and the app. The theme is rich and very easy to use while it tells your various lists apart from one another. It has a reminder setting system that links directly into other Google services.


Content Production Tools

a. Canva

Canva creates elegant images for social media in a matter of minutes. It provides you with boundless design appearances and media graphics. It has thousands of attractive layouts, fonts, colours. It also has a drag and drop feature which makes a wonderful tool for planners who want a modest way of creating a striking marketing image.


b. QuickMeme

Memes are nowadays brief but captivating, easy to share, and a fast way to make any planner’s event viral. By the use of QuickMeme, you can make catchy memes in a short time and enhance your visual content to entertain your event attendees and future clients.


c. Content Ideator

This app allows you to get good ideas to write about while it generates topics in chosen fields. It enables you to find successful content by topic and domain which performs excellently in a certain sphere. It runs analytics to know the best social networks for your market and the topics and headlines the audience market want to know about. All these find out what topic works for your competitors and how to beat them.


d. Phantom 4 Drone

The Phantom 4 Drone hovers above your event and take breath-taking High Definition images and videos. As time goes by, modern day event planners keep using drone imagery in promoting future events. The Phantom 4 drone can even be used indoors by a well versed pilot providing attendees with a spectacular event day thrill.


e. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark enables you to create social graphics, web stories and animated video with its Spark projects features which automatically synchronize between your computer and phone device. You can create and share anywhere with anybody. It possesses a beautiful theme which makes Adobe Spark the ultimate event tool to quickly generate wonderful looking promotional materials without the need of a professional designer.


As an event planner, these 3 categories of event tech tools are guaranteed to make your event planning easy and smooth with class and elegance which eventually results in a resounding success. You will realise that there’s more overall business from more clients either by referral or fame acquired in the professional usage of these great tools. Try them out today and become a leading event planner.